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Cortland Anaerobic Digesters/Generator

Designed an upgrade project for the City of Cortland Wastewater Treatment Plant’s (5.2 MGD) anaerobic treatment process that includes rehabilitating of existing municipal waste (WAS/primary sludge) digesters and installing a new dedicated industrial digester for DAF float and acid whey from Byrne Diary. Characterized the waste streams, sized the digester, mixing equipment, determined solids generation, heating requirements. Sized gas conditioning equipment, generator, and gas safety equipment. Designed upgrades for the existing municipal digesters to accept industrial waste including new draft tube mixers, miscellaneous concrete repairs, stainless steel fixed covers on primary digesters membrane biogas holder on secondary digester, and conver-sion of secondary into an active digester. Also secured a $2 million NYSERDA PON 2828 grant for the City to offset capital cost. Led permitting process with the NYSEFC and NYSDEC. Generator was started in June of 2019. Meets the electrical demands of the WWTP (~300 kW) and exports the surplus (~150 to 200 kW) back into the electrical grid. Heat from unit is utilized in addition to the electricity.

Project Cost: $14 million

Contractor(s): Hubbard Construction

Funding Agencies: NYS EFC & NYSERDA

Project Status: Completed in 2019

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