Cedarwood Environmental Services was the result of the ever-increasing regulatory oversight of public and private wastewater treatment facilities within New York State. Pursuant to the mandates of the 1972 Clean Water Act and the wastewater treatment facilities born from the 1980's Construction Grants program, ever more complex facilities required the thoughtful and consistent operation by fully trained operators. Cedarwood Environmental has worked with design professionals during the design, construction, commissioning, and operation of these state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities. Additionally, the firm has complemented its operations staff with professional engineers, research scientists, and a variety of technical experts.

Currently, twenty-eight certified water and wastewater operators, three professional engineers, and four technical and support staff comprise Cedarwood Environmental Services. Operations personnel are on duty 365 days a year at plants such as the Stamford WWTP and WTP, Bloomville WTP, Andes WWTP and WTP, Walton WWTP, Friesland Campina Domo WWTP, Fleischmanns WWTP, Hunter WWTP, Windham WWTP and Mountainside Farms WWTP. The Fleischmanns, Hunter, and Windham facilities replaced antiquated on-site septic systems in these three villages within the New York City Watershed, a 2000-sq. mile upstate watershed which supplies unfiltered drinking water to 9 million New Yorkers.


The staff have also assisted in the start-up of various other facilities, such as the Glens Falls WTP, the Village of Delhi WWTP, the Cooperstown WWTP and WTP, and Seven Springs WWTP. The Research Scientists have conducted various pilot studies testing innovative as well as established systems, and have presented their findings in print and at professional meetings. The Research and Design staff actively participate in the engineering design of new facilities as well as facility upgrades, and are frequently involved in resolving operational issues.


The expertise of the staff has evolved as have environmental requirements. The staff, both Operations and Engineering/Research, take great satisfaction and pride in designing and operating state-of-the-art tertiary wastewater treatment facilities. The New York City Watershed and its wastewater treatment improvement program have spurred on a new class of operations professionals. Cedarwood Environmental is at the forefront of that class, and has set and maintained a new higher standard of professional operators.