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Cortland Clinton Ave Utility Project

The Clinton Avenue Streetscape Project consists of the following elements:

• Water distribution system replacement

• Sanitary sewer collection system replace-ment

• Stormwater collection system replacement

• New green infrastructure practices including bioretention areas along the Clinton Avenue corridor

• Streetscape (design completed by others) Cedarwood initially completed engineering stud-ies of the existing sanitary sewer, stormwater and potable water systems for the City of Cort-land, and were successful in obtaining various Environmental Facilities Corporation Grants and Loans for the project. The project involved numerous funding agencies and stakeholders, and has been bid with construction commencing during the 2021 calendar year with a projected completion date during 2023.

Project Cost: $9 million

Contractor(s): G. DeVincentis & Son Construction Co., Inc.

Funding Agencies: NYS EFC (WIIA, GIGP, ISC)



Project Status: Completed in 2022

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