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Silo Ridge Field Club

Water Distribution System, Storage Tank, Treatment Plant, Wastewater Collection System & Treatment Plant Design: Wastewater Collection, Water Treatment and Distribution Design – Cedarwood designed all aspects of the water and sewer systems including water force mains, wastewater collection and conveyance lines, sewer pumping stations, a new water treatment plant based on existing water quality from wells, a finished water tank, and all equipment, control strategy, generator sizing, etc. for the water supply. The Silo Ridge Field Club is a development including a 21-unit lodge; a Clubhouse with dining, spa, and other amenities; a renovated 18-hole championship golf course; and a mix of single-family homes, including Golf Villas; Vineyard Cottages; and other residences grouped around views, natural features, and the Village Green. Silo Ridge is located on approximately 670 acres of countryside in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Amenia, Duchess County, New York. Cedarwood designed an MBR wastewater treatment system including characterizing flows and organic loading, sizing MBRs, process tanks, controls, instrumentation, electrical, etc. We are currently assisting facility with the startup of both water and sewer systems. Cedarwood also led the permitting process with NYSDEC and DCDOH.

Project Cost: $13+ million

Contractor(s): Stoneleaf Construction

Funding Agencies: Private

Project Status: Final phased construction ongoing

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