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Warrensburg Community Center

The Town of Warrensburg is located in Warren County in the state of New York. Cedarwood Engineering Services PLLC was retained to renovate the existing fire station into a community center. The original fire station was built in the 1920’s and the first floor engine bays were unoccupied due to completion of a new fire station located adjacent to this building. This lead to the opportunity to transform these areas into social gathering rooms that could be used for public events, meetings and charitable events. The bulk of the renovations includes raising the floor system to have a single level space for ADA accessibility, adding two accessible restrooms, installing a new window system at the existing overhead door locations, furring out the exterior walls for additional insulation, installing new ceilings, installing new electrical/data/fire alarms/lighting, flooring and paint.

Funding Agencies: Volunteer labor & donations

Project Status: Completion date T.B.A

Project Gallery

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