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Warrensburg Sludge Removal Project

After completion of the Geotube dewatering project, the Town staffing needs changed due to other project commitments prioritized by the Town. The Town hired Cedarwood to generate a bid package to hire a contractor to remove and dispose of sludge within the Town’s existing wastewater treatment lagoons. The existing geotube dewatering will be used as an ongoing maintenance operation by the Town to deal with future sludge buildup. The project was bid in 2022 and the project was awarded to Synagro Northeast, LLC. The project is anticipated to commence in 2023, and should be complete by the end of the year. Whole effluent toxicity testing will be completed during construction as required by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to monitor toxicity at the SPDES outfall while using the chosen polymers for dewatering. Cedarwood will complete construction oversight and assist the Town in required sampling and permitting compli-ance items.

Project Cost: $937,734

Contractor(s): Sysagro Northeast, LLC.

Project Status: Completion scheduled for 2023

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