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Warrensburg Transmission Main Project

The Warrensburg Transmission Main Project involved design and permitting for a NYS EFC WIIA Grant & SRF Loan financed project consisting of approximately 3,000 linear feet of 12” cast iron water main replacement with new high density polyethylene piping and required miscellaneous appurtenances. The existing 12” cast iron water main was exposed at the ground surface near an existing stream that caused the main to fail due to joint deflection and age and was in immediate need of replacement. After receipt of funding, the project was bid and awarded to Borderline Excavating & Fence, LLC with the watermain placed into service at the end of 2022. Permitting was handled by Cedarwood with Department of Health, and they also handled grant administration as required for NYS EFC compliance.

Project Cost: $748,950 including construction & engineering fees

Contractor(s): Borderline Excavating & Fence, LLC.

Funding Agencies: NYS EFC WIIA Grant & SRF Loan

Project Status: Watermain in service end of 2022, final restoration & closeout spring of 2023

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