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Andes Water System Upgrade

In 2017, the Town of Andes, in Delaware County, NY, began pursuing a new public water source due to the existing source being groundwater under the direct influence of surface water. The Town of Andes selected Cedarwood to investigate the nearby area in order to find viable groundwater sources. In 2017, Cedarwood oversaw the installation of a test well, as well as yield and drawdown testing. Currently, Cedarwood is developing an engineering report to procure EFC funding for the town. The nature of the project, once funding is procured, will be the development of two wells, a small water treatment plant to treat for manganese and hydrogen sulfide, proper disinfection treatment, and connection to the existing water district.

Project Cost: $2.6 million

Funding Agencies: Anticipated EFC Funding (WIIA Grant)

Project Status: Awaiting funding, engineering report completed

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