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Bovina Public Library

The Town of Bovina Center is located in Delaware County in the state of New York. Cedarwood Engineering Services PLLC was retained to renovate the public library. This building was originally built in 1895 with a basement that had a low ceiling height. The goal of the design was to increase the existing ceiling height and to have accessibility to the basement by an exterior door. The bulk of the interior renovations included the removal of the entire first floor of the building, construction of a new wood floor framing system at an elevation that would increase the basement ceiling height without limiting the first floor ceiling height, installation of a new radiant floor heating system, installation of new electrical, lighting and data, new finish flooring, new ceiling and wall materials/finishes. A new ADA compliant restroom was constructed as well as a vertical lift to have accessibility between floors. The exterior renovations included a new door into the basement level, and a new concrete ADA compliant ramp connecting the basement level with the existing public sidewalk.

Project Cost: $164,500

Project Status: Completed in 2019

Project Gallery

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