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Essex Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Town of Essex is located in Essex County in the State of New York. The Town operates a water treatment plant on the shores of Lake Champlain located at the eastern edge of Beggs Park. The existing facility, which was re-designed during the mid-1990’s, utilizes diatomaceous earth filters and disinfection using chlorine and a chlorine contact tank for treatment of surface water from Lake Champlain. Cedarwood Engineering Services PLLC has been contracted to provide engineering services for the treatment plant upgrade to treat surface water from Lake Champlain. The existing water treatment plant must be improved to allow for the treatment of the surface water to meet water demands and to comply with the Surface Water Treatment Rules and Disinfection Byproducts Rules. A small pre-packaged conventional treatment design has been pilot tested, and the project has recently had a temporary treatment design change. Construction is estimated to begin during the spring of the 2023 calendar year.

Project Cost: $3 million

Contractor(s): VMJR Companies

Triangle Electric Systems Inc.

Pipeline Mechanical

Hyde-Stone Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Funding Agencies: NYS EFC WIIA Grant & SRF Loan

Northern Borders Grant

Project Status: Construction in 2023

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